Adapting to new EU privacy laws

Unless you have been hidden under a rock during the last months (and without Internet!), you know that on May 25, 2018, a new privacy law called GDPR has been activated to protect EU customers from companies that collect personal data and abuse from it. has never been such an abusive company. Continue reading

No Live Preview in Safari 9? Solved!

With every new version of OS X (nowadays on a yearly cycle) Apple moves forward and step by step leaves behind old QuickTime supported formats, relaying on HTML5 video to play such kind of media.

That means that current OS 10.11 version (El Capitan) silently undertakes the Plugin support for some legacy formats.

Fortunately for all of those who still dealing with, i.e. AAC Audio files, there’s a way to get a Live Preview when repairing them using service. Continue reading

About today’s outage has experienced today (October, 28th) a five hours outage.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Such events are fortunately very rare, since May 2013 we hadn’t faced such a serious problem.
This outage has originated at our hosting vendor and is not specific to, so the good news is that has not been compromised. It has just been offline for a few hours.

Now everything is working again. Business as usual.

How to create a Virtual Mac OS installation to repair damaged video files on your PC

Despite service is able to diagnose and repair almost any damaged video file, there are some times that an offline service would be a more comfortable option.
Especially when dealing with huge amount of damaged files, or when needing to repair large files recorded with heavy encoding formats, Aero Quartet‘s Treasured repair service would be the best choice. Continue reading